How Did This Instagram Model Assist Her Mom Escape Jail?

An Instagram model has nailed in releasing her mother out of jail using a hidden rope and getaway bike after distracting the security guard, it is alleged. 

Influencer Aida Victoria Merlano, 21, who is Colombian, allegedly managed to complete the daring plan to get her mother out of prison.

In a trial this week, prosecutors heard that the 21-year-old helped former politician Aida Merlano Rebolledo break out of a Bogota prison by climbing out of a third-story window and using a rope to get to the ground, according to the Sun.

The escape happened in October 2019 when Rebolledo was a senator but she was convicted after her election win as evidence of weapons, voter fraud and corruption was uncovered by authorities.

Rebolledo was sentenced to 15 years in prison within six months of her election win but broke out of jail just two weeks after.

Her daughter was charged for the elaborate escape mission at the time but has remained on bail and free and regularly posts snaps of herself to her 2.5m followers.

The prison break chance came when Rebolledo had a dentist appointment.

She was accompanied by a prison guard and driver to the office of the dentist which was outside of the prison but was able to enter the appointment alone.

The trial heard Rebolledo was then left alone in the examination room.

El Tiempo footage captures the moment she jumped down from the window with a red cord and hit the ground, while onlookers are startled.

She then proceeds to jump on the back of a bike, allegedly driven by a man posing as a delivery driver, and flees the scene.


And when her mother’s escape was all over the news, her daughter used the situation to her advantage.

A month after the daring mission, Merlano was featured on the cover of a magazine and posed naked in handcuffs.

The article headline read ‘The Daughter of the Fugitive Congresswoman Confesses.’

Authorities eventually caught Rebelledo in January 2020, in Venezuela.

It was suspected that the fugitive congresswoman’s daughter and the dentist were accomplices in the prison break and they were formally charged the following month by authorities.

During the trial the duo have protested their innocence but will face years behind bars if they are found guilty.

Merlano said in a social media video: ‘Despite getting up every day knowing that I can go to jail for 21 years, I am happy because I have the conviction that happiness is a decision that one makes every day.

‘Be happy today because you do not know what will happen tomorrow.’

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