Hours after truce agreed, children became orphans in Azerbaijan

On Sunday, at about 2am, the people of Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second city, were awakened by the sound of an explosion.

Neighbours cried out to each other for help, frightened by the unearthly sounds of crumbling buildings and shattering concrete.

“My parents were asleep and I was watching a movie when I heard the sound of a huge crash,” 16-year-old Sevil Aliyeva told Al Jazeera. “The walls, large pieces of stone fell on me.

“There was no sound from my mother. My father began to call me. Then his voice stopped too.”

Sevil and her brother, eight-year-old Huseyn, are now orphaned – their parents Anar and Nurchin were in their thirties.

Before being buried, the couple’s friends and relatives prayed over their bodies. Their simple coffins were covered in the Azeri flag and a few roses.Mourning residents with sorrowful eyes told this reporter three members of the same family, the Alasgarovs, were also killed.


They died in an instant when the shell of a missile hit the roof of their building. Ulvi, Tarana and Durra were 30, 55 and 57 respectively.

Azerbaijani authorities say Armenia fired a ballistic missile at Ganja city, a claim Yerevan denies.Home to half a million people, Ganja is about 97 kilometres (60 miles) from the front lines of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and 241km (150 miles) from the Armenian border.

The city, the industrial centre of western Azerbaijan, is steeped in history. The 12th-century Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi was born here and the Nizami Mausoleum is located at the entrance to the city from the southwest side.

The attack on Sunday came hours after the warring countries made their first diplomatic contact since fighting over the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region began on September 27.

The Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers had met in Moscow, and after 11 hours of talks, agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire which should have taken effect on Saturday. Minutes into the truce, however, both countries claimed the other side was attempting to attack.

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