Horror: Mom in Car SPITS in a Woman’s Face After a Row

This is the horrifying moment a mother with three children in her car spat at a woman after the pair clashed in a parking row.

The footage, filmed by the victim, shows the women arguing in their parked cars outside a Sainsbury’s Local.

The mother gets out and approaches the victim’s car. When the victim points out she is not wearing a mask, she spits at her through the car window.

The footage starts with the victim telling the mother she had parked in a ‘no loading bay’ which ‘blocks the other cars from coming through’.

However the mother furiously denies that she parked in the bay. The victim says she has captured the scene on video, to which mother responds: ‘I was inside my car.’

Suddenly she gets out of her car and comes up to the other woman’s window adding: ‘When you took the picture… who cares?’

As the mother gets closer, the woman filming warns: ‘Mask on. Mask on.’

The mother then spits at the woman through the half-open window, as children in her car watch, and calls the victim a ‘b****’ before returning to her vehicle.

The 19-second clip was posted anonymously on social media on December 4 and has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

It is not known when or where the incident took place.

One viewer commented: ‘How vile.’

Another wrote: ‘She could have corona and pass it through spitting.’

‘Fantastic role model for her children,’ another penned.

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