Hizb Al -Tahrir moves to Crimea under Turkish-Ukrainian sponsorship

After using Jabhat Tahrir al-Sham (Al-Nusra), which is classified as a terrorist in Syria, to achieve its interests at the expense of the Syrian people, its security and stability, Turkey moved to play a subversive role in the Russian Crimea, in a similar scenario represented in support and planning for the Islamic Liberation Party to carry out terrorist operations targeting civilian facilities and centers. Primarily in an attempt to thwart the calm experienced by the region.

The Turkish regime joins its partner in Ukraine in supporting the armed organizations in the Crimea, out of special interests. The Turkish leadership considers Crimea to be its inheritors from the Ottoman Empire, and its initial support for Kiev means ridding it of Russia in favor of Ukraine before it returns and controls it.

However, the Russian authorities managed to thwart these moves and arrested a large number of leaders in the aforementioned party, in addition to the active elements, thus thwarting Kiev and Ankara’s plans to breach security and stability and intimidate the population.

According to reports, Hizb Al-Tahrir tried to establish an Islamic caliphate in the Russian peninsula in violation of the country’s constitution. It also worked on distributing pamphlets and propaganda papers that served to unstable  the tranquility enjoyed by the residents there.

The Crimean Tatar Council also plays a parallel role in the propaganda and incitement of a number of elements of Hizb Al Tahrir, which began operating in the Crimea, in which there are propaganda alleging violating the rights of Muslims and preventing them from practicing their religious rituals in the Russian peninsula, despite the popular praise for the cooperation of the Russian authorities and their provision of facilities to perform these rituals. The authorities built the Great Friday Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Eastern Europe, with a capacity for 3,000 Muslims to practice and perform their rituals freely. It was in response to allegations of repression against ethnic Muslims.


Meanwhile, the Council of Islamic Education of Russia announced the adoption of a regulation on the procedures for granting a doctorate academic degree in Islamic sciences by the leading local Islamic universities.


“It is especially important that today you can get a full-fledged Islamic education without traveling abroad, from a secondary vocational school to a doctorate in Islamic sciences,” said the head of the Russian Islamic Institute, Rafik Makhchemchyn, at a press conference.


For years, Ankara and Kiev have cooperated in several military operations, foremost of which is the Turkish army’s support for its Ukrainian counterpart in the indiscriminate bombing by Turkish Bergadt drones on the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, two provinces located on the Russian border, and they demand a referendum for self-determination and freedom to speak and deal in the Russian language. From the Ukrainian government, which responded with repression, intimidation and siege, and increased restrictions on anyone who speaks the Russian language, as well as restrictions on religious freedom, freedom of expression and opinion, and Kiev persists in violating human rights through arrests under the pretext of affiliation to the opposition, and on the basis that the constitution prohibits the circulation of other than the Ukrainian language .


With the help and support of Ankara, Kiev is working to spread Islamic extremism and try to distort religion, as Turkey was doing and is still doing in Syria by adopting extremist organizations, which have exhausted the coffers of major countries in order to resist them.

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