Hip-Hop Duo Taoreta 倧れた Challenge Modern Stereotypes in New Single

Hip-hop duo Taoreta 倧れた is set to release their new single, Samurai Nation on Friday 8th July 2022. The video will be released as the fourth instalment of the duo’s five-piece film series entitled ‘Shadows In Dust’.

Taoreta’s double EP, also titled Samurai Nation, includes 12 tracks, as well as an additional two videos.

Mixed and mastered by Adam Lewis Mixing, with all tracks produced by DJ Icon and written by Loaneski, the EP has already received praise from publications and industry professionals such as Blue Rhymez Entertainment, Sleepingbags Studios, and Mercury Group PLC.

The UK-based duo, composed of songwriter and MC Loanenski, and DJ Icon, have joined together in an attempt to challenge the negative stereotypes surrounding hip-hop and revive the traditional relationship between DJs and MC’s. Through their music, Taoreta promotes the principles of the Samurai – courage, respect and honesty. Taoreta state: ‘Samurai Nation’ is all about conquering your fears. Wherever you are, try to defeat your enemies.

You don’t always have to attack. You can resist without raising your hand. That’s the real win.’ Combining Boom-Bap hip-hop with traditional continental Asian influences, Taoreta aims to stand out with their unique sound and discussion of taboo subjects.

With a combined 30 years of experience in the music industry, the two have each worked with renowned artists such as GZA (Wu-Tang Clan), Killah Priest (Wu Tang Clan / Gravediggaz), Rodney P (London Posse), and more.

This four-year-long, partially self-funded project, Samurai Nation, received additional funding from Arts Council England in 2021 allowing Taoreta to fulfil their vision for their double EP.

As part of the project with Arts Council England, Taoreta developed workshops for young, underprivileged individuals. They taught over 100 sessions on music production and writing, emphasising their dedication to making a difference in young people’s lives. Clearly, Taoreta practice what they preach.

Since releasing their EP in January of 2020, Taoreta continue to build the project with the two remaining videos in their short film series.  Be sure to follow Taoreta 倧れた on socials for more information on this project and future releases.

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