Hinds: The band who answered The Strokes’ last-minute call

That’s the position Madrid-based indie band Hinds found themselves in on Sunday, after The Strokes invited the group to join them for a series of hastily-arranged (and not so) secret gigs in Paris, London and Belfast.

“We haven’t really had time to think about it but obviously when you get an offer from The Strokes to open for them you don’t really think, you just do it!” singer and guitarist Ana Perrote says excitedly down the phone ahead of the first gig on Tuesday.

“We’ve been fans forever,” she adds. “When I think about them I just think of [bass player] Ade crying, because they are her proper teenage love.

“We sometimes make the joke that we created Hinds to meet our heroes, and in this case it’s finally happening, so we can quit after this tour!”


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