Hijabi Model Responds To ‘Pyramid’s Fart’ Model With COVERED Pictures in the Same Location of Saqqara Ruins (Watch)

Egyptian model Salma Elshimy’s photoshoot has become a public opinion case.

In response to Salma’s “obscene” pictures, a hijabi model underwent a photoshoot in the same location of Saqqara Ruins.

The hijabi model sported a Pharaonic white outfit unlike the number Elshimy put on.

Followers circulated the “decent” pictures under the hashtag #OurCleopatra and compared them with #PyramidsFarts footage.

Salma Elshimy has been arrested for taking pictures in Saqqara Ruins without obtaining an official permit from authorities.

One day later she was released after paying a bail of 1,000 Egyptian pounds ($63.86).

In a televised interview, Salma Elshimy apologized for anyone who found the pictures offensive.

She also thanked the Egyptian police for treating her respectfully, and handling her case professionally.

Salma also clarified that the whole photoshoot was personal, and that she did not intend to represent any ancient queen or offend the archaeological site, adding that she visited the touristic site just like any other tourist; she bought the ticket and was escorted in.

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