Hesham Selim’s Daughter Transforms Her Gender to Male.. This is His New Name

Hesham Selim's Daughter Transforms Her Gender to Male.. This is His New Name

Egyptian actor Hesham Selim revealed that his daughter Noura underwent a sexual transformation, to become a male with the name is Nour. Selim stressed that since Nour’s birth s/he has felt not normal and always had doubts about own sexual identity, until age 18. After that Nour was sure that he is not a female but actually male.

Hesham Selim added, during his interview with director Enas Al-Dagheidi, through the talk show “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Dari,” saying: “My daughter Noura has become my son Nour and is currently sexually transforming. I am not surprised that she is sexually transforming because since the moment she was born I saw that her body was masculine, and I’ve always suspected this story.”

Selim continued: “One day she said to me that she’s been living in a body that is not hers and she was 18 years old then, and now she’s 26 years old” Stressing that his daughter’s decision to convert needed a lot of courage, especially that we live in a society that rejects such customs.

Selim pointed out that all his family members now treat his daughter as a male and encourage him to complete his life as a man, expressing his support for any family suffering from this crisis, saying: “I want to say may God help the son or daughter who is like this, and may he help their families. Me as a father, I will never be able to put myself in my son’s shoes right now.”

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