Heroic Mom Saves Her Son From Blazing Fire in The UAE

Heroic Mom Saves Her Son From Blazing Fire in The UAE

A 67-year-old Emirati woman is battling for life after rescuing her son from a huge blaze that engulfed their house at Khat area, 25km south east of Ras Al Khaimah city, on Saturday night. She sustained 50 per cent burns while saving her son and has been admitted to the intensive care unit of Saqr Hospital.

When Umm Mayed saw the raging flames, she thought that both her sons were trapped in the house. The elder one had, in fact, jumped out of his room’s window as the fire broke out, while the younger 22-year-old was still inside.

Without thinking twice, the woman rushed into the burning portion of the house, braved the fire and helped the younger one reach the window to call for help. As they heard his screams, the elder son, family members, relatives and neighbours made their way into the room, filled with smoke and carried them to safety.


The mother suffered second-and third-degree burns, while her younger son received first degree burns in his feet, arms, and hands. The elder brother suffered some burns in his arms. The mother and the younger son were rushed to the hospital.

Saud Turki, another son of Mayed, said her mother was sleeping in her room when she smelt smoke and found out that the house was in flames.

“Though she was able to escape, she immediately rushed to her sons’ rooms, shouting ‘my kids are inside’.”

Turki said when we asked her why didn’t she get out of the burning house, she could only mumble: ‘I am ready to die to save my sons’.

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