Hero Workers in UAE Save Stray Kitten Stuck in Drain Pipe

Municipality workers had helped rescue a stray kitten which was stuck in a drain pipe in Abu Dhabi.

The simple rescue operation took place on Sunday evening following a notification from a resident who informed the Abu Dhabi City Municipality officials after spotting the kitten stuck down in the drain pipe.

In Facebook post, the Abu Dhabi expat who identifies himself as Abhi GN said he could hear the kitten meowing from a drain line underground while he was on his daily evening walk in front of Abu Dhabi Municipality headquarters along Sheikh Zayed Road (Salaam Street).

“It was about 10:15 pm and I called the municipality on their emergency number. The gentleman on the other end patiently heard my concern and asked me to share the photo or video of the kitchen in the drain pipe with pin location on their WhatsApp no.,” Abhi said in a Facebook post where he also shared videos of the kitten stuck in the drain pipe and being rescued by the municipality workers.

“By 10:30 pm I received a call from one Mr. Saqr, informing me that he has sent a team to the location and they will do the needful.”

A three-member-team finally reached the spot at 11:15 pm and cordoned off the area, while waiting for a water tanker to come, said Abhi adding that one of the members went down the drain and the kitten helped himself to be rescued.

“Once on the ground, the kitten just sprinted towards the nearby park and vanished. How I wish I could have taken it to vet but unfortunately wasn’t able to get hold of the kitten,” he explained.

The expat said he shared the post just to encourage anyone who comes across stray animals in such a situation to contact the municipality authorities as they will come quickly for help and save the lives of the animals.

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