Hero Dad Saves Daughter From Certain Train Death in Egypt

Hero Dad Saves Daughter From Certain Train Death in Egypt

An Egyptian father dubbed a “super dad” saved his daughter from almost certain death after she stepped into the path of a speeding train.

The incident, which left onlookers stunned, took place after the pair disembarked from a train in the coastal city of Ismailia. Instead of leaving via the platform exit, however, the father and daughter walked across the tracks to take another train.


As the father turned to get his luggage from the platform, he heard his daughter’s screams. The young girl had wandered too close to an approaching train. With hardly any space between the speeding train and the platform, the man’s only option was to hug his daughter close to protect her.

Terrified passengers looked on helplessly, while some prayed aloud. The girl is believed to have fainted with shock.

Ahmed Akef, who captured the incident on a video that went viral in Egypt, said he heard screams. “It was one o’clock. I saw a man save a girl from certain death.”

Ismailia train supervisor Yasser Abdel-Hamid said the girl’s shouts had alerted her father, who jumped to save her.
However, Abdel-Hamid criticized social media descriptions of the man as a “super dad,” saying the pair had risked their lives by crossing the tracks.
Rail authorities are investigating and will view security camera footage of the incident, he said.
Social media users posted a picture of the father, believed to be Haggag Ibrahim, a resident of Abu Haggag in Sharqiya governorate. Ibrahim has so far refused to talk to the media.

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