Hero Dad Creates ‘Coronavirus Safety Pod’ for His Toddler

Hero Dad Creates 'Coronavirus Safety Pod' for His Toddler

A Chinese father has created a ‘coronavirus safety pod’ to protect his toddler son from catching the deadly virus while being outside.

The sleeping pod is equipped with a purifier that delivers filtered air into the cabin and a sterile glove that allows parents to comfort their child without directly touching them.

The father from Shanghai, 30, known by his nickname Bai Ying or the ‘white shadow’, designed the protective case for his son to use when they go outside.

‘It’s very inconvenient when you need to take your child to places that don’t have fresh air, for example, the hospital,’ Bai Ying said in a video he uploaded to Chinese short-video platform Douyin.

A monitor that detects and shows the air quality of the cabin is also attached to the safety pod. It displays the density of carbon dioxide and the temperature inside the pod.

‘Because babies have a weaker respiratory system, wearing a mask could likely cause a lack of oxygen for them,’ the Shanghai-based interior designer told the local press.

Bai Ying said his design was partially inspired by popular video game ‘Death Stranding’.

‘I feel very proud that people approve my design, like I’ve turned something from the virtual world into real life,’ he added.

The designer father has contacted a manufacturer to produce more ‘coronavirus safety pods’ after dozens of people offered to buy his device.

‘I don’t want to be a social media influencer, but I want my design and products to help more people,’ Bai Ying said.

The novel coronavirus has infected over 813,000 people in China and claimed at least 3,259 lives. Though the country has recently seen a sharp decline in its new cases, fears are sparked after more imported patients travelling from abroad are reported.

China reported no new domestic cases of coronavirus for a second day in a row last Friday, but the number of imported infections has risen to 228.

Statistics show infected travellers to China have spread to ever more provinces, adding pressure on authorities to toughen entry rules and health protocols.

Globally, there are nearly 300,000 confirmed cases and the death toll has surpassed 13,200. 4,145 people have been infected in the UK and 223 have died.

Boris Johnson faces massive pressure to impose a European-style lockdown to avert coronavirus disaster today as people continue to flout government guidance.

Demands are growing for the PM to ramp up controls after extraordinary images emerged this morning of still-packed Tube trains in London – regarded as the engine of the UK outbreak.

After a weekend in which crowds flocked to parks and landmarks to take advantage of sunshine, Mr Johnson effectively put the nation on its final warning, saying there should be ‘no doubt’ he would take draconian action.

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