Here’s What to Do if You or a Family Member Have COVID-19?

Here's What to Do if You or a Family Member Have COVID-19?

In case a family member contracts Covid-19, other members living in the same house should not fret about being infected, and instead follow safe caregiving guidelines.   

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) issued guidelines on how to take care of a coronavirus positive family member at home.

MOHAP guidelines for Covid-19 patients at home

1. Sick person must wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose, when they are around other people at home and out (even when visiting doctors).

2. Keep 2 meters distance between the person who is sick and other members.

3. Keep people at higher risk separated from anyone who is sick.

4. Keep one person assigned to take care of the person who is sick.

5. Caregivers should wear a medical mask that covers their mouth and nose as well as the gloves when in the same room as the patient.

6. Clean and disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, and other commonly touched surfaces daily.

7. Do not share personal items like phones, dishes, bedding, clothes or toys.

Besides this, the World Health Organization (WHO) also suggests to first keep Covid-19 patients in isolation as much as possible within the home and in a well-ventilated single room.

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