Here’s the First Appearance of Ahmed El Sakka’s Daughter

Here's the First Appearance of Ahmed El Sakka's Daughter

Social media was ignited a while ago with a picture of the artist Ahmed El Sakka accompanied by a girl, over which some art pages claimed that she was his daughter Nadia.

Shortly after; Al-Sakka appeared on the northern coast with another girl who was claimed to be his daughter Nadia, then the same thing happened for the third time with another girl.

It turned out that they were only fans of El Sakka, who asked to take pictures with him while spending their vacation on the northern coast.

Yesterday though, a number of social media pages shared a confirmed picture of Nadia hugging her father Ahmed from behind.

This is the first time the audience sees Nadia who looked very beautiful and innocent.

Some commentators said that she carries similar features of her mother, anchor Maha Al Sagheer.

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