Healthcare Workers Inspire Runway at China Fashion Week in Beijing

At the China Fashion Week in Beijing models wearing outfits inspired by healthcare professionals.

Models present protective suits made for medical professionals, designed by the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

Personal protective equipment took center stage at China’s Fashion Week in Beijing as an ode to frontline workers who’ve worked tirelessly through the ongoing Covid19 pandemic.

Organizers and designers say it pays tribute to workers involved in the prevention of the pandemic, with the theme being named “Heroes in Harm’s Way”.

“Heroes in Harm’s Way” was also a highly anticipated drama about Covid-19 that has come under fierce criticism for downplaying the role of women during China’s epidemic fight.

It aired a year ago and promised to be the first TV drama “based on real-life stories” about front-line workers in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, the site of the first coronavirus outbreak.

The title of the show implied that it was going to highlight the major contributions women had made in China’s epidemic fight. However, it received many critical comments, mainly about its depiction of women, before they were suddenly suspended on the side.

China Fashion Week is an international fashion event held twice a year at various venues in Beijing, China. The event originated in 1997 and hosts professional contests, exhibitions, fashion forums, and professional evaluations. The event showcases fashion collections from various designers, including ready-to-wear, accessories, styling, and other new designs.

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) was founded in February 1959 and is the first specialized institute for fashion design and engineering in China. In recent years, BIFT’s faculty was involved in the uniforms and costumes design for Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2008 and for China’s 70th National Day mass parade in 2019.

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