Hazal Kaya to Be Sued by a Local Lawyer Over Supporting LGBTQ

Hazal Kaya to Be Sued by a Local Lawyer Over Supporting LGBTQ

Turkish attorney Ugant Mehmet decided to sue Turkish actress Hazal Kaya after her new statements in which she supported gay rights, as she responded to the attack she was exposed to recently because of her first comments about gay people, reported Foochia.com

On Monday, Kaya said: “They attacked me because of my defense of gays as if they were criminals, but I will never back down on my position.”

She added: “Everyone has the right to live the life he wants. The angry messages that I received were many, but the public support was greater.”

Kaya continued: “How can any mother despise her own son if he becomes gay, where is her affection? What I said is what any real mother would say, but fake mothers won’t.”

Hazal Kaya concluded her message: “I do not regret my statements and I can confidently repeat it now. I will not stand in the way of my son becoming gay.”

However, the artist was not immune from the attack and criticism she’d received, and Turkish lawyer Ugant Mehmet called out to hold her accountable for provoking the feelings of millions of Turks, as he described.

Ugant added that he will resort to judiciary soon, asking for support from his colleagues in order to convert the case into public opinion.

The lawyer stated that anyone should be held accountable if he/she tries to destroy values, customs and traditions of the Turkish society.

He explained: “Hazal did wrong and did not retreat, but rather she brazenly challenged us, and she has to apologize through judiciary and in front of millions.”

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