Has Spain flattened the coronavirus curve and what comes next?

For weeks, Spain has held the grim title of suffering the second-highest coronavirus death toll in Europe, trailing only Italy.

Displays of courage and resilience by beleaguered health workers, images of ice rinks used as emergency morgues, reports of bodies left abandoned in old people’s homes and of hospital staff resorting to rubbish bags and raincoats in a desperate bid to protect themselves and others now form part of the national consciousness.

And this is all since March 14.

But has some kind of corner been turned in Spain’s battle against coronavirus?

On Wednesday, coronavirus deaths in Spain for the previous 24 hours stood at 523, which while high, represented a notable improvement on the total of 950 less than two weeks before.

It is also the fourth total under 600 in five days.

While the number of registered contagions in the last 24 hours increased by 3 percent, to 177,633, health authorities partly attributed that rise to an increase in testing.

In any case, the picture looks better than Spain’s maximum daily increase of affected cases of 42 percent.

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