Harry Styles Says He’s Amazed That Fans Pay to Come to His Concerts

He’s enjoyed huge solo success with his debut single and eponymous first album reaching number one, while his second album Fine Line has now hit its 60th week in the charts.

But former One Direction star Harry Styles has revealed that the secret behind his musical triumphs is by not ‘trying his hardest’ when it comes to song-writing.

Meanwhile, the Watermelon Sugar hitmaker, 27, has admitted that he’s still shocked that fans still pay to see him in concert, despite him amassing a huge following as part of the biggest-selling boyband of all times.

Speaking to SiriusXM radio in America, Harry opened up about his process of making music, explaining how he’s most successful when not putting in as much effort.

He said: ‘I have always made my worst music when I’m trying the hardest and when it feels a little bit too easy and feels a bit safe and it’s just like, “oh yeah, this is what people want…” I write it.’

He continued: ‘I try to write music as a fan of music. I just don’t really know how else to do it, I guess. Ultimately, everyone who works in music are just fans.

Like I’m just a fan of music and get to make some, so I try to make it from that perspective.’

The Sign Of The Times hitmaker added of his second album, Fine Line – which peaked at number two and has been in the charts since its release in December: ‘The process of making that album was feeling free.’

Harry shot to fame as a contestant on The X Factor in 2010, entering as a solo artist before later forming One Direction with Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.

The group went on to bag four number one singles and 14 UK Top 10’s before going on indefinite hiatus in 2016.

But despite his group domination of the charts and eventually success as a solo artist, Harry admitted that he still can’t believe that people want to pay to see him live on stage.

He said: ‘When I went out to do shows on my own, I was amazed people were coming to see me’.

But the star then told how his confidence in himself began to grow after ‘feeling accepted by the crowds.’

Harry has since branched out into acting, with his latest role in upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling even bagging him a romance with the movie’s director, Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde, 36.

It comes amid reports that Harry and Olivia’s ex Jason Sudeikis are set to have a showdown when he and Olivia arrive in the UK from the U.S.

DailyMail.com recently reported that the singer and Booksmart director are set to be heading to England soon, now that their film Don’t Worry Darling has wrapped.

According to reports on Friday, Harry and Jason, 45, could encounter one another during their time in the UK as Olivia will be reuniting with her children son Otis, six, and daughter Daisy, four, who have been staying there with their father.

Sudeikis is currently in London as he is filming season two of Ted Lasso, so they will soon be reunited.

A source speaking to The Sun claimed: ‘Obviously things are still early days — they’ve only been properly dating since last November, but things have been moving fast since they went public together at his manager’s ­wedding.

‘The latest move may also mean they all end up seeing each other, as Jason is in London filming his Apple TV sitcom Ted Lasso and ­currently has his kids by Olivia staying with him, so no doubt there is going to be some crossover among them.

‘It’s certainly going to be interesting given the way things have been so far — but nothing is getting in the way for Olivia and Harry just now.’

The publication went on to claim that Harry’s new film is possibly going to begin production in the same studio where Jason is currently working, which could also lead to an impromptu meeting between the pair.

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Jason, Harry, and Olivia for comment.

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