Handsome Kuwaiti Model Ahmed Al-Salem Divorces Saudi Fashionista Malika Kabli

They didn’t get their “happily ever after”.

Kuwaiti model Ahmed Al-Salem has confirmed the rumors that he and Malika Kabli are no longer together.

Over the weekend, the Saudi model shared a lengthy video on Snapchat clarifying the facts behind their separation.

At first, Ahmed made sure that he was the one who divorced his wife and not the opposite as being rumored.

He said: “Your wife is supposed to be the kindest person in your life .. I am a person who marries to be happy, if happiness is gone then it’s over.”

Al-Salem denied what ex-wife Kabli stated and made sure his followers get his side of the story.

“She said that she asked for divorce two months ago but I refused. Refused what exactly?! Two months ago when I left our home I divorced her. You know the most important thing in divorce is informing the wife that she’s divorced verbally, then paper work can be done later.”

He added that whatever Malika did in the past couple of months does not concern him, as she was only doing things to provoke him.

As for accusing him of cheating, Ahmed responded that if these allegations were true, Malika Kabli could have easily asked the court for Khul’.

Ahmed Al-Salem and Malika Kabli knotted the tie in 2018, and had their daughter ‘Qamar’ in October 2019.

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