Hande Erçel’s Potential Mother-In-Law Çiğdem Bürsin Leaves a Comment on a Picture of Hers Taken by Son Kerem

Are we getting close to a proposal, because mothers now are getting involved!

Last weekend, Turkish actress Hande Erçel has posted a series of spontaneous pictures on Instagram sporting a white jacket and captioning them with a white swan emoji.

And who else to leave a comment other than fellow actor and alleged lover Kerem Bürsin, who’s been active lately on Hande’s Instagram leaving likes and comments here and there.

It turned out that Kerem was the one who took these pictures of Hande, as he teased her and their fans by saying: ‘Whoever took these photos is incredibly beyond amazing … He has a wonderful eye;)’

In return, Erçel playfully responded: “You too, publish the pictures you have to see who has the wonderful eye.”

Surprisingly, Hande and Kerem have not been the only ones teasing each other, as an elder relative weighed in on the conversation, Kerem Bürsin’s mother ‘Çiğdem’.

She wrote: ‘Good job my soul, but the model is really beautiful’.

No doubt Mrs. Bürsin’s comment set fans’ excitement on fire, to the point were they urged her to ask for Hande Erçel’s hand to her son Kerem Bürsin.

Responding to Hande’s request, ‘The Bürsin’ – as he calls himself – did post the pictures Erçel took for him, captioning them with some goofing emojis, and Hande commented: ‘I guess I don’t need to describe what I shot.’

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