Hande Erçel wants to finish school

Despite her busy schedule being the most successful Turkish star, Hande Erçel wants to go back to university to finish her education. 

Erçel, who quit university at a young age to focus on her career, recently decided to reverse course.

The actress started her career in 2014, when she played the role of Selin Yılmaz in the series ‘Güneşin Kızları’, and unfortunately the star was not able to focus on her university due to the pressure of filming.

Previously, Erçel  enrolled in Mimar Sinan for fine arts, where she majored in Traditional Turkish Arts.

According to Turkish tabloid newspaper Posta, Erçel decided to go back to finishing her degree, and the newspaper also revealed that the Turkish actress has already registered this semester, and started her classes.

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