Hande Erçel returns with new project

After a very long absence from her fans and followers, the famous and beloved Turkish actress Hande Erçel decided to return with a new series in 2023.

The new Hande Erçel series

Turkish news sources revealed that the star, Hande Erçel, is preparing for a new series to star in it, after a long absence from the TV screen and the audience.

Media sources have stated about the details of the new series, which will be starring the Turkish star, as the series will be produced by MF Yapım of the Disney Plus global platform.

The writer of the new project is the same writer who worked on Hande’s famous series ‘Knock On My Door’ which met with great success around the world.

It seems clear that the story of the series will take place in a romantic and comic framework based on the screenwriter. As for the story, it is written by Esena Bulbuloglu and directed by Youssef Berhassan.

The identity of the rest of the stars participating in the work has not been determined.

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