Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin Tease Each Other With Unseen Pictures

It looks like Hande Erçel is indeed missing her hubby Kerem Bürsin during her stay in the US.

Turkish couple Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin have caused a frenzy on social media as they expressed missing each other in a unique and cheeky way right before the eyes of the public.

It was Hande who started teasing Kerem when she posted an unseen picture of the couple on Instagram Stories.

In the picture, Erçel sported a thigh-high Fuschia dress and placed her hand on Kerem’s stomach as he looked chic in a casual look of a simple navy shirt and grey pants.

Hande Erçel Kerem Bürsin Görülmemiş Resimle Birbirinizi Alay Edin

The spontaneous shot was taken in Six Senses Kaplankaya in the province of Muğla, on the Aegean Sea, from where they had shared similar pictures last August.

Erçel simply tagged Bürsin’s Instagram and added a pink love heart emoji, while Kerem reposted the Story and told Hande: ‘So you want to explode the archive.’

Later on, the star who plays Serkan Bolat in Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door) reacted to Hande’s missing him and shared another two unseen pictures.

The first picture shared by Bürsin was a romantic image of them from one of their trips to the sea.

Kerem Bürsin shares an unseen picture from the sea with hande ercel bikini Kerem Bürsin, hande erçel bikinisiyle denizden görülmemiş bir fotoğraf paylaştı

But it was the second picture that caused the most controversy, prompting the couple to top the trending lists in Turkey.

Kerem shared a picture of Hande’s face covered with cake, probably from a private celebration of her birthday. Bürsin captioned the hilarious shot: ‘Since I found this, why not.’

Kerem Bürsin shares picture of hande ercel's face covered with cake couple goals Kerem Bürsin, Hande Erçel'in yüzünü pastayla kapatan çift gollü fotoğrafını paylaştı

The Turkish couple didn’t stop here, as they took to Twitter to continue teasing each other.

Hande tweeted: ‘I just can’t be aware that you’re starting a war of vengeance, right??!! @KeremBursin although it was just a longing photo from inside of me.’

And Kerem responded: ‘Wait a minute, we don’t have to take this situation so seriously… I wanted to share my favorite version of you.’ And Hande replied: ‘I’ll be silent on this.’

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