Hamada Helal’s Mother Passed Away As She Lost Her Battle Against Cancer

Hamada Helal's Mother Passed Away As She Lost Her Battle Against Cancer

Mother of Egyptian singer Hamada Helal died today after suffering from cancer.

Helal had published a photo of his late mother on Instagram from their Umra trip a few days ago, and he asked followers to pray for her.

The public circulated the news wondering whether she had passed away due to her infection with Coronavirus, but the Egyptian artist confirmed that his mother had suffered from cancer, and that her health deteriorated and she was hospitalized.

Hamada said: “My mother has been treated for cancer for nearly three years, and I ask all people to pray for her recovery. And those who circulate the news should verify their sources for authenticity.”

Press sources revealed that Hamada Helal’s mother, Mrs. Raja Ibrahim, had passed away in the early hours of today at the International Medical Center, and the Egyptian artist is awaiting for the washing of her body, to hold a funeral at one o’clock in the afternoon, and then bury her in their family cemetery on Ain Sukhna Road.

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