Hailey Bieber Insists She Has Never Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face

Hailey Bieber Insists She Has Never Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face

Hailey Bieber has insisted she has never had plastic surgery on her face and has begged people to stop using heavily edited pictures of her.

The 23-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday to condemn online trolls who recently accused her of changing her looks and took aim at a post which compared her face now and aged 13.

She said: ‘Stop using pics that are edited by makeup artists,’ as she insisted the heavily edited glamour shot is ‘NOT what [she looks] like.’

‘I’ve never touched my face so If you’re gonna sit around and compare me at 13, and then me at 23, at least use a natural photo that wasn’t edited so crazy,’ concluded the wife of Justin Bieber.

Fans quickly came to Hailey’s defense and remarked on her ‘natural beauty’ and her transparency when it comes to FaceTune and other editing tools.

Though Hailey appeared fired up in her Instagram response, she seemed to be in a much calmer mood when she returned to the popular social networking app to post a selfie.

In the portrait, Hailey suited up in her favorite tracksuit and posed on a couch located in the living area of her Los Angeles home.

She opted for a minimalistic makeup look and accessorized with a pair of glamorous gold earrings.

Her dirty blonde hair was neatly parted in the middle and tied back into a neat bun.

The daughter of Stephen Baldwin also shared a sweet snapshot of hubby Justin cuddling with their beloved dog Oscar beside her in bed.

Hailey returned from a lengthy lockdown in Canada with Justin on Wednesday afternoon.

The pair – who married in September of 2018 – were spotted touching down at Van Nuys airport and donned matching facial masks as they exited the jet.

Hailey and Justin recently opened up about the effect of quarantining on their mental health in a video posted to Instagram last Friday.

In the short clip, Hailey noted that she has often felt ‘scared’ during these tumultuous times, but also has moments where she feels extremely ‘motivated and hopeful’ for the future post COVID-19.

Bieber nodded his approval then added that some days he feels ‘encouraged and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.’

The couple crafted the thoughtful post for pal Kendall Jenner who ‘nominated’ them as part of a viral challenge that encourages celebrities to open up the conversation about mental health with their social media following.

Before coming back to Los Angeles on Wednesday, Justin and Hailey were enjoying a loved up lockdown at their mansion in Canada.

They documented a vast majority of their time in Canada on social media and, most recently, the couple began hosting their own Facebook Live show from home.

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