Haifa Wehbe Collapses and Hysterically Cries in 2021 Ramadan Prank.. Watch

Ramez Galal’s got competition.

Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe has collapsed and hysterically cried believing that she had caused the death of fellow Egyptian artist Karim Fahmy, and the injury of artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi.

This scene was from a new prank show titled Khams Nojoom (Five Stars) aired on MBC, hosted by the five stars Ghada Adel, Karim Fahmy, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, Nour and Mustafa Qamar.

Haifa Wehbe was the victim of the second episode of Khams Nojoom, where she was lured for allegedly filming a car advertisement.

At the beginning of the prank, Haifa entered a race with Karim Fahmy and Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi.

Later, Al-Sharnoubi claimed that there had been a serious car accident, and Karim Fahmy had caught fire as he got out of the car, then the rescue team extinguished it, prompting Haifa Wehbe to collapse and fall to the ground.

Actress Ghada Adel tried to add more pressure on Haifa, as she accused her of being the cause of Karim Fahmy’s death, and asked her to hire a good lawyer to defend her after she accused her with murder.

Then Haifa Wehbe assaulted the owner of the alleged advertising company, who provoked her by saying that Karim Fahmy had died.

Once prankesters revealed their identities, Haifa was relieved and cried again saying that she couldn’t believe what was happening, then she avenged herself and used the fire hose and directed it at the cast.

On Instagram, Haifa Wehbe threatened her fellow artists, Ghada Adel, Karim Fahmy, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, Nour and Mustafa Qamar after she fell victim to the plot, and said to them: ‘I will show you the five stars of the noon.’

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