Haifa Majic and Rabih Bader End Their Romance

Haifa Majic and Rabih Bader End Their Romance

Months ago singer Haifa Majic announced her official marriage to Lebanese boyfriend Rabih Bader, as she celebrated the occasion with a small wedding, and claimed a bigger wedding ceremony will be held very soon.

Before their wedding, the ‘OMG’ hitmaker shared a video featuring her and Bader and asked if love without money would last, as she answered her question ‘no, of course money is important!’

Today, the 28-year old announced her split from Rabih claiming ‘ it is wonderful to move from one period of your life to another by taking responsible decisions, and now we have entered a new chapter in life. I have been in a relationship for the past 3 years, and its time for me to be a bit free…its time for me to earn the soul and freedom I had before.’

‘Because when a girl gets a fiancee, a boyfriend or even a husband she neglects herself, and I miss the old Haifa, the one who used to dance a lot, go out, meet new people, and even receive gifts. Me and Rabih faced no problems, I only want my freedom back.’

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