Haifa, Henedy and Others.. Arab Stars React to Facebook Outage

Hundreds of millions of social media users around the world were surprised by a malfunction that hit Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, in addition to a number of international telecommunications companies.

The disrupted services of the social networking sites and apps have prompted complaints from millions of users, stating that they were unable to access their personal accounts on the different social media platforms.

Arab Stars Reacting to Facebook Outage

Many Arab celebrities have interacted with this global malfunction which hit social networking sites, on Twitter.

Wael Jassar

Lebanese artist Wael Jassar joked: ‘Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp: Keep me as a beautiful memory with you, and be aware of forgetting our time.’

Arab Stars React to Facebook Outage wael jassar

Haifa Wehbe

Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe tweeted: ‘Family life does not need social media.’

Arab Stars React to Facebook Outage haifa wehbe

Mohamed Henedy

As for Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy, he warned followers of the differences between Facebook and Twitter.

The Egyptian comedian joked: ‘For people who are coming to Twitter… Its called a tweet, not a post… And its called retweet, not share… And its called is an account, not a page.’

Arab Stars React to Facebook Outage mohamed henedy meme

Fares Karam

Lebanese singer Fares Karam tweeted: ‘At least people now can return to visiting, congratulating and consoling each other.’

Arab Stars React to Facebook Outage fares karam

Kinda Alloush

Syrian actress Kinda Alloush hoped that the outage would continue for a month, to enjoy life outside of social media.

She tweeted: ‘After the outage that happened to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, I hope from my heart that there will be a general malfunction for all applications and social media platforms, and we take a break for a month in which we will return to our old life with small, sweet and intimate details, before the madness and addiction to social media and communication applications.. Do you wish for this? How long can you bear it?’

kinda alloush Arab Stars React to Facebook Outage

Nesreen Tafesh

Syrian actress Nesreen Tafesh agreed with Kinda Alloush’s opinion, and tweeted: ‘Life is sweet without social media.’
Arab Stars React to Facebook Outage nesreen tafesh

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