Hackers return $260m to cryptocurrency platform after theft

Hackers behind one of the biggest ever cryptocurrency heists have returned more than a third of $613m in digital coins they stole, the company at the centre of the hack said.

Poly Network, a decentralised finance platform that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions, said on Twitter on Wednesday that $260m of the stolen funds had been returned but that $353m was outstanding.

The company, which allows users to swap tokens across different blockchains, said on Tuesday it had been hacked and urged the culprits to return the stolen funds, threatening legal action.

The hackers exploited a vulnerability in the digital contracts Poly Network uses to move assets between different blockchains, according to blockchain forensics company Chainalysis.

A person claiming to have perpetrated the hack said they did it “for fun” and wanted to “expose the vulnerability” before others could exploit it, according to digital messages shared by crypto tracking firm Elliptic and Chainalysis.

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