Graffiti Mocking Prince Andrew Appears in Oxford

Prince Andrew is no stranger to flattering portraits depicting him with a chest full of military medals – but this latest one is unlikely to feature among his favourites.

The Duke of York has been caricatured by a graffiti artist who has sprayed a less-than-flattering image of the royal across a wall in Oxford.

The caricature depicts the under-fire prince in a red Grenadier Guards uniform wearing a ‘Jim Fixed It For Me’ badge.

The badges were handed out on the long running television show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ which was fronted by serial sex offender Jimmy Savile.

The shamed TV star, who may have targeted as many as 300 victims, died before his horrific crimes were ever properly brought to light.

There has never been a link between Savile and Prince Andrew, who is currently facing a US lawsuit over claims he sexually assaulted Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts. The 61-year-old denies the allegations.

It is unclear at present who the artist behind the graffiti is or what their intentions were.

However one local councillor for the area said the caricature demonstrated the ‘strength of feelings’ held by local residents towards the Duke.

Oxford City Councillor, Shaista Aziz, said the portrait showed the ‘anger’ of people in the city.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, she said: ‘I was on my way to a meeting this morning when I spotted the art work.

‘I crossed the road to take a photo of it and was struck by how powerful the message and symbolism of it is.

‘I think it reflects just how angry and engaged people are about the state of democracy in our country.

‘It speaks to power, the establishment and it speaks about how both reinforce each other’s power to the detriment of the people.’

It is not the first time Prince Andrew, who earlier this month was stripped of his military affiliations, has been the target of graffiti artists.

In November last year he featured in a Banksy-style piece depicting him delivering pizza boxes, with the phrase: ‘Don’t sweat it we deliver’.

The phrase is a reference to an answer given in his disastrous 2019 Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis in which the Prince claimed he could not medically sweat.

He also denied sexually assaulting Ms Roberts, who now goes by her married of Guiffre, because he was with friends at Pizza Express on the night of the alleged sex attack.

It comes as it was revealed Prince Andrew’s lawyers want to quiz the husband of Ms Roberts over her ‘role in recruiting and trafficking underage girls’ for paedophile Epstein.

Ms Roberts, 38, is suing Andrew in New York for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress after claiming in a civil suit that she was trafficked by Epstein and forced to have sex with Andrew on three occasions when she was 17.

However, Judge Lewis Kaplan has now written to Australia’s Attorney General to secure their assistance in arranging an interview with Robert Giuffre, Ms Roberts’ husband since 2002, after the duke’s legal team invoked the Hague Convention to question him under oath on Monday.

In his letter, the judge said Prince Andrew’s lawyers want to speak to Mr Giuffre about the couple’s living arrangements in Australia, any conversations he has had with his wife about the duke, her ‘alleged childhood abuse’ and aspects of her income, The Mirror reports.

The letter added that the duke’s legal team has asked that ‘Mr Giuffre be examined’ about his wife’s ‘role in recruiting and trafficking underage girls for Epstein’.

The judge has also asked the country’s Attorney General for their assistance in securing an interview with Ms Roberts’ therapist Dr Judith Lightfoot.

Andrew’s lawyers want details of any medical treatment she may have received, any diagnosis she may have been given and her medical history.

The letter continues that they want to access the bills charged by Dr Lightfoot, as well as any alleged ’emotional and psychological harm and damages’ suffered by Ms Roberts.

Both interviews are expected to take place on April 29.

Andrew’s lawyer in the US, Andrew Brettler, is understood to have a ‘strong opinion’ that he should fly to Australia to conduct the interview in Perth – close to where Ms Roberts’ now resides.

It comes as Judge Kaplan also approved requests for four people to be formally interviewed in the UK and Australia yesterday.

As the case moves ahead, British legal authorities must help with the request from accuser Ms Roberts to interview his former equerry, Major Robert Olney.

Her lawyers, David Boies and Sigrid McCawley, want to ask Major Olney about Andrew’s dealings with Epstein.

They also want to talk to a woman, Shukri Walker, who says she saw Miss Roberts with Andrew at a London nightclub in 2001, after which Miss Roberts claims she had to have sex with him.

Mark Stephens CBE, of London law firm Howard Kennedy, said of the request by Miss Roberts – now married as Mrs Giuffre – to conduct interviews in the UK: ‘It’s obviously closing the net around Andrew.’

The requests for help from foreign legal authorities were filed in mid January and were approved yesterday (Monday) by Judge Kaplan.

They cite the Hague Convention on taking of evidence abroad in civil matters as the basis on which they must be carried out.

The request states that they should be filed with the Senior Master in the Foreign Process Section at the High Court in London.

Once the request is received, Ms Roberts’ lawyers from Boies Schiller Flexner in the UK will make an application for further details about assistance, the letter states.

Ms Roberts is suing the duke for unspecified damages, which US lawyers say could be more than £14million if she is successful.

Andrew strongly denies Ms Roberts’ allegations, but Judge Kaplan rejected his request last month to have the case dismissed.

After the decision the Duke was stripped of most of his remaining royal patronages and military titles which were returned to The Queen.

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