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The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA) on Tuesday launched its second Technical and Vocational Training programme in collaboration with the Swiss non-profit organisation, “Swisscontact”.

The launch of the programme, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and cooperation (SDC), took place during a signing event attended by RACA’s Director Jacques Rossel, Swiss Ambassador to Amman Emilija Georgieva, general managers of hotels and potential employers, among others.

“I am proud of the good reputation of RACA as a culinary arts school in Jordan, operating at the highest international level and applying our proven Swiss experience in merging theoretical teaching with practical, hands-on training,” Georgieva said during the event.

The programme, which is focused on hospitality and tourism, contributes to “a better acceptance of vocational education” in Jordan, the ambassador added.

“RACA is well positioned amongst employers in the wide-ranging and promising Jordanian hospitality and tourism sector, and contributes towards a more inclusive and market-relevant vocational education system,” she continued.

Georgieva also noted Switzerland’s commitment to supporting Jordan in its goal of reducing unemployment, “especially among women and youth” through “an efficient and resilient education system with private sector involvement”.

In a statement sent to The Jordan Times, Rossel noted the crucial need for this programme.

“Ever since its founding, RACA has been following the Kingdom’s vision in supporting and developing vocational and technical education … and providing job opportunities for youth who dream to join this industry,” he said.

In another statement sent to The Jordan Times, Regional Director for MENA at Swisscontact Ulrich Stucki noted that the programme aims to make the hospitality and tourism sector in Jordan, which offers a wide range of jobs for both women and men, “more competitive and sustainable”.

Founded in 1959, Swisscontact is a Swiss-based non-profit organisation focused on implementing international development projects. While it has been present in the MENA region since 2012, this programme is the non-profit’s first initiative in Jordan, according to the statement.

Swisscontact aims to cooperate with local partners and experts to contribute to positive socio-economic developments in Jordan by focusing on “the hospitality and tourism sector, skills development and labour market insertion, sustainable agriculture and green economy as well as enterprise promotion,” Stucki said.

The three-month intensive training programme, which targets 120 trainees, aims to help youth develop the necessary vocational competencies and skills for entry-level jobs in the hospitality and culinary arts industry, according to RACA.

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