Go Can Yaman! Third Episode of Bay Yanlış “Mr. Wrong” Receives More Than 250K Tweets

Go Can Yaman! Third Episode of Bay Yanlış "Mr. Wrong" Receives More Than 250K Tweets

Third episode of Bay Yanlış “Mr. Wrong” series managed to top the trending lists on social media and search engines, with more than 266k tweets in Turkish Twitter and topping Google Trends in Saudi Arabia.

The third episode achieved high viewership in a sudden jump, after having poor ratios of the first and second episodes.

The episode started with Ezgi İnal – played by actress Özge Gürel – accompanying Özgür Atasoy – Played by Can Yaman – to his sister’s wedding to play the role of his girlfriend in front of his mother, who tries to have him married at any cost while he does not want it, and also to repel all women who his mother invited to the wedding.

There were also a lot of situations between the couple, which began to reveal Ezgi getting attached to Özgür, to the point where he told his mother that she would like Ezgi a lot.

But the scene that went viral was when Ezgi was at Dr. Sardar’s clinic. And while she is sitting and waiting for her turn, she gets surprised to see her ex and his fiancée leaving Sardar’s room, and when she tries to escape in order not to be seen, she trips over and falls to the ground in a very embarrassing scene in front of the past and future lovers.

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