Giant Origami-Inspired Sculptures Decorate Broadway

Giant origami-inspired sculptures now decorate Broadway, bringing a child-like whimsy.

Seven supersized origami-inspired sculptures are now on display in Midtown Manhattan as part of the neighborhood’s latest public art exhibit.

Thanks to Gerardo Gomez-Martinez (aka Hacer), the public plazas in New York City’s Garment District are now a zoo of origami-style animals.

The Mexican-American artist installed a series of powder-coated steel sculptures that loom over dining areas and walkways as part of Transformations.

The installation, entitled “Hacer: Transformations,” features seven massive paper-like animals: two dark turquoise coyotes, two medium turquoise rabbits, a magenta elephant, a yellow dog and a green bear cub.

“We know these supersized sculptures will bring a smile to everyone’s face, and we encourage all to stop by and snap a picture with their favorite origami-inspired creation!”, said Barbara A. Blair, president of the Garment District Alliance.

The installation will be on display along Broadway between 36th and 39th Streets through November 23.

Hacer, née Gerardo Gomez-Martinez, changed his name to the Spanish verb meaning, “to make, to build” when he began his career as an artist as a way to break away from his painful childhood. The inspiration for his practice stems from his early fascination with origami paper folding, as well as the large-scale sculptures of Alexander Calder.

At first glance, Hacer’s sculptures appear to be giant origami. On closer inspection, however, they reveal themselves to be made of steel that he both welds and folds to create each form. Through the combination of the heavy metal material and the fragility associated with origami, Hacer challenges our perception of objects in space, and our bodies’ relationships to them.

The perfection of his technique in combination with monumental vision has manifested museum and national art fair exhibitions and realized massive, permanent sculptural installations.

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