German Shepherd Dog Digs His Life After Being Buried Alive in Russia

German Shepherd Dog Digs His Life After Being Buried Alive in Russia

A healthy dog that was given a ‘lethal injection’ and buried by cruel owners somehow  managed to dig himself out of his forest grave – and walked to a roadside to ask for help.

Kiryusha, a seven-year-old German Shepherd was spotted by kindly motorist Olga Lystseva, 39, on a highway in northern Russia.

She passed him walking slowly in the rain along the road, wet and exhausted but the sight of the bedraggled animal haunted her.

The dog-lover then turned her car around and drove back nine miles to get him.

After finding some food for him she put him on the back seat of her car.

Kiryusha slept all the way to Ukhta, a distance of 93 miles, where she handed him to a dog rescue service called Kind City.

They began publicising pictures of the animal and received messages that he came from the settlement of Yemva.

The owners were found and they said they had ‘put down’ the dog claiming he was ‘unhealthy’.

They admitted injecting him with a drug intended to kill him and then buried him at a remote spot close to the Ukhta-Syktyvkar highway.

His paw was still shaved where they had injected him with what they intended as a lethal dose.

They ‘apologised’ for their ‘mistake’ in burying the dog alive, said the animal shelter.

But tests by a vet found the animal had no serious medical problems and was healthy other than suffering rom hunger and exposure.

Ekaterina Nimak, from the rescue service, said: ‘Thanks to Olga, Kiryusha has begun a new life.

‘In the shelter, he is very calm.

‘He walks on a leash, does not rush anywhere, rarely conflicts with other dogs and does not bark.

‘He is good-natured with people.’

A new report from a local TV station says Kiryusha is now fostered by a local family in a loving home.

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