German Authorities Evacuate 14,000 People After Finding Two 330lb WWII Bombs

German Authorities Evacuate 14,000 People After Finding Two 330lb WWII Bombs

German officials evacuated 14,000 people after two 330lb Second World War bombs were found in Dortmund. 

The American and British bombs were successfully defused hours after people were forced to leave their homes at 8am this morning.

The city centre, main train station and National Football Museum were sealed off by a protective wall in order to carry out the excavation work.

Authorities evacuated two hospitals and opened schools for residents who lived within a 1640ft radius of each location.

The city’s train station also had to be shut down and trains were rerouted as helicopters patrolled overhead to ensure the area was clear.

In an online statement, Dortmund city hall said they had identified four locations where they suspect unexploded bombs dropped by Allied forces during the war.

However authorities later clarified that only two bombs were found despite initially believed four were detected.

The suspicions were based on ‘anomalies’ detected during construction projects,  and only an excavation’ could confirm the existence of the bombs, it added

Almost 75 years after the end of the war, unexploded bombs are frequently found in Germany and disposing of them can entail large-scale evacuations as a precaution.

However local media claimed this case could be the largest such evacuation ever seen in the Ruhr region.

In 2017, around 65,000 people were temporarily evacuated – the largest such operation since 1945 – when a huge British bomb weighing 1.4 tons was discovered in Frankfurt.

Last September, 15,000 people were evacuated from their homes while a 550lb device was defused in Hanover.

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