Gaza Farmer Finds 4,500-Year-Old Statue

A farmer in Gaza found a 4,500-year-old statue head while working his land in Khan Younis in April 2022.

According to Palestinian archaeologists, the stone statue head depicts the Canaanite warrior goddess Anat who represented beauty, love and war.

The Canaanite people inhabited Canaan, a Bronze Age civilization that existed around 2,000 BCE in what is now modern day Israel and Palestine.

The stone statue head clearly depicts a face and a serpent crown. The farmer who found the statue, Nidal Abu Eid, said in an interview with BBC that, “We found it by chance. We realized that it was a precious thing but we didn’t know it was of such great archaeological value.”

“We thank God, and we are proud that it stayed in our land, in Palestine, since the Canaanite times,” he added.

Since being found, cleaned and given to archaeologists, the ancient statue now stands on display at the Qasr al-Basha museum in Gaza.

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