Gas tank explosion caused ‘bright light, loud sound’ in Tehran: Iranian official

Gas tank explosion caused 'bright light, loud sound' in Tehran: Iranian official

A gas tank exploded, causing the bright light and loud sound in Tehran, state media cited a defense ministry spokesman as saying on Friday.

The explosion was in Parchin village in Tehran, the fire was controlled by firefighters and there were no casualties, the official told state TV.

Parchin is the location of a facility where Iran is suspected of having conducted nuclear weapons-related tests. Some member countries of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had presented the international organization with data that suggests that Iran may have conducted hydrodynamic tests at Parchin in the past to assess how specific materials react under high pressure, such as in a nuclear explosion.

Nour News, a news agency close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), had earlier said that the light and sound in Tehran were caused by an explosion at an industrial gas storage facility near a military base belonging to the ministry of defense.

Before the official announcements, videos and images circulating on social media showed a light originating from the ground and lighting up the sky.

Some social media users have speculated about the possibility of an explosion at a military base.

“Guys, this is Pardis. Sounds of an explosion came from behind the mountain all of a sudden. And now we are seeing this light,” a man was heard saying in one of the videos.

Pardis is a town in eastern Tehran where some military bases are located.

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