Gas flows from Germany to France have halted, pipeline operator says

Gas flows to France from Germany have been at a halt since June 15, France’s pipeline operator GRTgaz said on Friday, citing the effects of reduced Russian deliveries.

“GRTgaz remains vigilant for the coming winter and calls on shippers to continue to fill their national storage facilities as much as possible,” the grid operator, a unit of France’s main gas supplier Engie, said in a statement.

“Since June 15, GRTgaz has noted a halt in the physical flow between France and Germany. This flow was around 60 GWh/d (gigawatt hours per day) at the beginning of 2022, which is only 10 percent of the capacity of the interconnection point,” it said.

GRTgaz reiterated earlier remarks that it sees no gas supply risks for France this summer, as lower inbound flows from Germany are being compensated by higher imports from Spain and increased capacities at methane terminals.

France’s strategic gas stocks 56 percent full at the moment, the grid operator added, saying this was higher than the 50 percent usual at this time of year.

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