French FM: Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia are Iranian proxy attacks

The French Foreign Ministry confirmed, on Tuesday, that the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia contradict international law and are Iranian proxy attacks.

The foreign ministry spokeswoman told Al-Arabiya that the total fire in the region would not be in anyone’s interest. She added, “We are following the situation between America and Iran with concern because it carries risks to regional security,” asserting, “The Iranians echoed our call for restraint, and no one there called for immediate retaliation.”

She explained that Iran’s return to the Vienna Agreement is a necessary condition for the Biden administration to reconsider it, and said, “The Vienna Agreement is essential so that Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon.” She also stressed that the Vienna agreement should be expanded to include stopping Iran’s missile programs.

On the Turkish issue, the Paris Foreign Ministry said Turkey must be a responsible neighbor by deeds, not words.

She also said that “Islam is part of our history and identity, and we have a deep respect for it.”

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