Fouz Al Fahad Is Being Investigated Over Money Laundry Case in Kuwait (Video)

Fouz Al Fahad Is Being Investigated Over Money Laundry Case in Kuwait (Video)

Twenty Kuwaiti celebrities’ and Boutiqaat company’s funds are being reserved until the end of investigations.

Kuwaiti fashionista Fouz Al-Fahad broke her silence regarding the inclusion of her name in the celebrities money laundering case in Kuwait, expressing her satisfaction with including her name among the celebrities involved, and commented: “For the sake of sincerity.”

Al Fahad explained in a Snapchat video that she would like to thank all those who checked on her, adding: “Everyone who called me and reassured on me, I tell you that I am fine and everything is fine.”

She confirmed that what happened is only a routine legal procedure that falls within the framework of the state’s right to investigate with all, adding: “The State has the right to question anything it feels there is something wrong with. They would like to ask about us, to check on us.”

“As a person, I am ready to undergo this procedure, and everything in my record is clean.”

“I appreciate every person who called, sent me a message, tried to speak to me, and tried to speak to my family.”

“Thanks for this situation that showed me the people who really care for me. At the same time, I am relieved that I have been put in this position. Yup, it bothers me but I am comfortable at the same time because it’s for the sake of sincerity.”

Fouz Al Fahad concluded her video by saying: “And God willing, I got in clean and will get out clean.”

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