Four Hezbollah experts killed in Yemen by coalition strikes: Sources

Four Hezbollah experts killed in Yemen by coalition strikes: Sources

Four experts from the Lebanese Hezbollah group have been killed in raids conducted by the Arab Coalition last week in separate locations east of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, military sources have confirmed.

Sources close to the Houthi militia indicated that the four experts were identified as two Lebanese and two Iraqi men working with Hezbollah.

The two Lebanese men were Ashraf Nasruddin was killed in the Majzar area, north of Marib while Tayseer al-Majdulani was killed in al-Matoon area, southwest of al-Jawf.

The two Iraqi men were identified as Hussein al-Nuhaili and Mohammed Khaled al-Janabi, both killed in or near the mountainous regions of Nihm.

The sources confirmed that the leadership of the Houthi militia had informed Hezbollah of their experts’ death and that they had been buried in Sanaa.

Speaking to Al Arabia’s sister channel Al Hadath, a spokesperson of the internationally recognized government of Yemen said there has been a marked increase in Hezbollah activities in Yemen following the death of Iranian top commander Qassem Soleimani.

“There has been an increase in Hezbollah’s activities in Yemen following Soleimani’s death. We’re seeing this through Hezbollah al-Ridwan Special Forces sending its fighters and experts and I see this as an escalation by Iran to heighten tensions in Yemen,” said Najeeb Ghallab, the undersecretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Information.

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