For The First Time! Saudi Woman Competes in Top Falconry Show

Athari Alkhaldi stands out amid a sea of men and falcons at the Middle East’s top falconry competition: the first Saudi woman to qualify and participate in the event.

“With my participation … I proved I am here, that women can join this field, that it’s not only restricted to men,” she said, alongside her falcon Ma’aned.

Falconry is an important part of the desert heritage of Arabs of Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries going back thousands of years.

The two-week King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival, which gathers more than 4,000 falcons from the Gulf and further afield, honoured Alkhaldi’s presence with an award for the first female to make a qualifying competition flight with her bird.

Alkhaldi first participated last year, but her bird refused to take flight. Determined, she returned this year and her bird successfully flew.

“Dealing with the birds, it is not easy … they are sensitive and need special treatment,” she said, adding that it requires patience and persistence.

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