Footage of Hatem Ali’s Last Appearance in Cairo and His Wife Dalaa Al-Rahbi Hospitalized in Canada

The world is still in shock of Hatem Ali’s passing.

Yesterday, Palestinian critic Ola Alsheikh has shared a picture of Hatem Ali’s last public appearance in Cairo.

The picture showed the late Syrian director sitting in Marriott hotel in Zamalek, Cairo, which was Hatem Ali’s residency place at that time, and where he passed away.

The picture was taken on December the 3rd, one day after the opening ceremony of Cairo International Film Festival.

Alsheikh’s caption revealed how she still can’t believe that Hatem Ali has passed away.

On December 7, Hatem himself shared a picture from the festival on his official Facebook page, and captioned it: “Beginning of Muror’s journey(Passage), screenplay and directed by Amr Ali: From Cairo International Film Festival.”

Separately, the wife of the deceased director, Syrian filmography writer Dalaa Al-Rahbi, was admitted to a hospital in Canada where she resides, after she learned the news of her husband’s death that was caused by a sudden heart attack at the age of 58.

Media reports revealed that Dalaa had suffered a nervous breakdown, and she was required to be placed under medical observation in the hope of stabilizing her condition.

Along with Hatem Ali, Dalaa Al-Rahbi’s name was also trending in the Arab media amid confirming her attempt to catch up her husband’s body, either by accompanying him when transferred from Cairo to Syria, or by reaching Damascus and waiting for him there to attend the burial service.

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