First Episode of Al-Hayba Finale Kicks Off With a Sad Occurrence (Video)

The first episode of the fifth and final season Al-Hayba has topped the trending lists on search engines and social media, after it was broadcast on Shahid platform the day before it aired on MBC1 at 6 o’clock in the evening last Monday.

The first episode has witnessed a sad development, which is death of Jabal’s brother ‘Sakher‘, previously played by Syrian actor Owais Mukhalalati.

In the scene, Jabal, played by Syrian actor Taim Hassan, goes to the morgue after receiving his brother’s death news, in order to identify his brother’s body, only to discover that he was completely disfigured due to burns.

Umm Jabal and his sister Mona, played by Syrian actress Rosina Lathkani, collapse as soon as they learn the news.

As events of the accident unfold, it became clear that Marwa, played by Walaa Al-Azzam, was pregnant and with Sakher in the same car that caused his death, and that she too had passed away due in the accident, but her infant has survived.

It turned out later, that Abdel Moneim Amayri, who has just joined the finale season as Jabal’s new rival, was behind the accident of Sakher and Marwa, prompting Jabal to decide to take revenge on him for the murder of his brother.

The audience described the episode as sad, especially the scenes in which Umm Jabal, played by Mona Wassef, and Jabal’s sister collapsed, in addition to the story of Marwa’s death, and her husband Ali receiving the news.

It is expected that the fifth and final season will witness many conflicts between Jabal and his enemies, in addition to the conflicts Jabal will face against some terrorist organizations.

The audience greatly interacted with the first episode, commenting that it witnessed strong yet sad events, and they expected that Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Amayri would be a distinctive addition to the series.

Al-Hayba Jabal is expected to be the 5th and last season of Al-Hayba franchise, with Lebanese actress Aimée Sayah in the female leading role, whose relationship with Jabal Sheikh Jabal has not yet been revealed.

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