Fifi Abdou Prank Show Stirs Controversy.. Watch

Fifi Abdou Prank Show Stirs Controversy.. Watch

Prank show Khali Balak Min Fifi “Beware of Fifi” hosted by Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou continues to cause controversy, both in terms of the idea itself and the reaction of guests.

Guest of yesterday’s episode was Moroccan actor Malik Akhmeis, and what caught the public’s attention was the gesture of the maid; who played a role of a crazy admirer,  she carried him, tried to kiss him and ask him to marry her.

The audience circulated the clip extensively, and commented on the maid’s role in a comic manner, while expressing that they liked Malik’s reaction, who seemed somewhat quiet. The majority, however, criticized what the maid did considering the show disrespectful of boundaries and the act unjustified even if it was just a comic prank.

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