Fiancée Carrie Symonds Tells of Her Agony as The Prime Minister Battled Covid-19

Fiancée Carrie Symonds Tells of Her Agony as The Prime Minister Battled Covid-19

Boris Johnson’s pregnant fiancée Carrie Symonds told of her agony as the Prime Minister battled coronavirus in intensive care.

Ms Symonds said she will ‘never stop thanking’ the NHS after the Prime Minister was discharged from St Thomas’s Hospital in central London today.

After he was admitted last Sunday, the PM spent three nail-biting nights in intensive care on oxygen treatment before he was moved back to a general ward.

Ms Symonds – who is self-isolating in the Chequers country retreat with the couple’s dog Dilyn – tweeted her praise for staff at St Thomas’s.

She wrote: ‘There were times last week that were very dark indeed.

‘My heart goes out to all those in similar situations, worried sick about their loved ones.

‘I cannot thank our magnificent NHS enough. The staff at St Thomas’ Hospital have been incredible. I will never, ever be able to repay you and I will never stop thanking you.’

Ms Symonds herself announced that she has coronavirus after Mr Johnson went into isolation.

Last Saturday, she said she ‘spent the past week in bed with the main symptoms of Coronavirus’ but had since recovered.

She added: ‘Being pregnant with Covid-19 is obviously worrying.

‘To other pregnant women, please do read and follow the most up to date guidance which I found to be v reassuring.’

Mr Johnson, 55, will now head to Chequers in Buckinghamshire to rest, with a spokesman saying that ‘on the advice of his medical team, the PM will not be immediately returning to work’.

Because the PM will need time to recover, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is likely to remain in day-to-day charge of running the Government, for the time being at least.

It came as friends revealed how close the Prime Minister had been to death.

They relayed a message from the premier who said he owed his life to the NHS medics and added: ‘I can’t thank them enough.’

Indeed, a delighted member of his family likened the recovery to a biblical resurrection, and upon hearing he had been discharged from critical care made a timely Easter allusion, saying: ‘He is risen’.

When ‘the boss’ was first moved into intensive care on Monday night, cabinet colleagues took to the airwaves to assure the stricken PM would pull through and hailed him a ‘fighter’.

But behind closed doors, his team of ministers and advisers exchanged private calls where they were forced to swallow the grim reality that the PM’s chances were on a knife-edge at ’50-50′.

Crushed aides who eulogise Mr Johnson as the glue binding together a tight-knit Downing Street team were even moved to prayers.

After three nights, they finally celebrated as the physically drained but ‘euphoric’ PM was released from intensive care and moved back into a general care ward.

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