Fear in Kashmir as top general talks of ‘deradicalisation’ camps

India’s newly recruited Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat has courted controversy after he claimed that so-called “deradicalisation” camps are operating in India, drawing a comparison with the internment of Uighurs in China.

“Like what we are seeing in Kashmir … we saw radicalisation happening,” Rawat said addressing the media and foreign delegates in New Delhi last week.

“There are people who have completely been radicalised. These people need to be taken out separately, possibly taken into some deradicalisation camps. We have deradicalisation camps going on in our country.”

Fear among Kashmiris
Rawat’s comments have caused a wave of fear among Kashmiris who claim that India wishes to do what the Chinese are doing in Xinjiang province. Human rights groups say more than a million Uighurs have been rounded up in internment camps, that Beijing dubs as “re-education camps”, to eradicate so-called religious “extremism”.

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