‘Father of Iraqi Architecture’: Rifat Chadirji Passes Away at 94

'Father of Iraqi Architecture': Rifat Chadirji Passes Away at 94

Iraqi architect Rifat Chadirji has died in London at the of age 93.

Only those who are familiar of his achievements know the print that Chadirji has left behind in architecture.

Most Iraqis remember the masterpiece he designed in 1959, the original Unknown Soldier Monument, which was demolished in 1982 and then replaced with a statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

He also designed another famous masterpiece, the Monument of Freedom which he worked on in 1961.

He was a member of the Modern Baghdad Group, founded in 1951 by well known artists like Jawad Saleem, Mohammed Ghani Hikmat and Shakir Hassan Al Said.

Also known as an accomplished photographer, Chadirji only stopped making photography lectures in the past years due to illness.

He issued a number of books that reflect his vision in architecture, noting that his writing skills were manifested in the memoirs and biography that he wrote.

Despite being a harsh critic, Chadirji was a humble person who welcome his friends’ opinions over his work and was open to logical ideas suggested upon him.

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