Fashion Influencer Gets Covid-19 After Going Back to Her Job as a Nurse Job

Fashion Influencer Gets Covid-19 After Going Back to Her Job as a Nurse Job

A fashion ‘influencer’ from Spain, who returned to her former role as a nurse to help combat Covid-19, has revealed she has contracted the killer virus in a tearful video.

Ángela Rozas Saiz, AKA Madame de Rosa, 38, decided to return to work as a nurse at the Hospital Universitario La Paz in Madrid – a region of Spain that has been especially hard-hit by the virus.

But within days of swapping her fashionable clothes for her scrubs, the social media star learned she too had contracted coronavirus.

There is also a possibility, she says, that she has passed the virus to her son.

Her emotional video on Instagram has received more than 1,000,000 views to date.

She said the whole episode has made her feel ‘psychologically down’.

The fashion influencer posted a photo of herself gesturing a peace sign and wearing medical clothing in a hospital corridor soon after going back to work.

But after complaining of a headache, fever, and respiratory problems she tested positive for the deadly virus some days later.

‘Hello everybody. I am doing this video as I have just visited the hospital,’ she said.

‘I tested positive for Covid-19. I have got coronavirus.

‘I am fine. I have a little fever, I find it a bit hard to breathe, and I have a little headache.

‘I feel psychologically down because I can’t help but feel guilty because I have the feeling I have done something stupid.

‘Forgive me (for crying),’ she said.

The 38-year-old went on to say she will not be able to return to work at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid, where it is believed she was stationed.

‘Forgive me,’ she repeats.

She also said her son Romeo is showing signs that he may have contracted the virus.

‘I am well, but I also feel guilty for Romeo as he has got symptoms as well,’ she said.

Saiz has since taken to social media in attempts to calm her worried fan base.

She said she is ‘fine’, aside from her mild symptoms.

The influencer had also shared personal accounts with her 637,000 followers of her experience working at the hospital.

In one instance she described how she tried to console a patient who was feeling isolated.

She said working in the hospital was very hard due to a shortage of materials, and from seeing sick people removed from their families due to coronavirus.

‘The only thing I want is to get better soon to go back to the hospital and help them,’ she said.

‘I love you’ she added.

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