Fares Karam : Myriam Fares Gets on my Nerves

According to sources close to Lebanese artist Myriam Fares, she is moving on with the lawsuit she promised to file against Fares Karam after he verbally abused her.

Per to sources cited by Sky News Arabia, parties intervened to mediate and facilitate a reconciliation between the artists, but Myriam insisted on asserting her legal rights instead of participating in the mediation.

Fares Karam

Despite her most recent threats to Fares Karam, Myriam Fares has not yet released information on the status of the lawsuit or its specifics.

For days, the hashtag “Myriam raise a case” has been trending in Lebanon on Twitter thanks to Myriam’s supporters who felt that what Fares had written about her in the previous post wasn’t unnoticed.

Myriam Fares

The singer’s audience applauded her decision to turn to the legal system and supported her stance, emphasizing that it is unacceptable to insult and use vulgarity toward any woman, regardless of her notoriety as an artist.

Following the Fares Karam and Myriam Fares crises, there has been considerable debate on social media amid public requests that it be resolved and that such matters should not go public or through social media.

Statements continue about the crisis between Lebanese stars Fares Karam and Myriam Fares, as the former confirmed in 2 new interview that he has never offended anyone, and this is why he refused since his artistic beginning in 1998 to make any changes to his personality.

In his new remarks, Fares Karam said: “I left the art industry to serve my father, and to live near my mother, and I also married the daughter of my neighbors. So I assure you that I know very well the value of the house, that’s why I’m telling you I am a polite person and my heart is good, but when it comes to someone without politeness I am the first one to be from ghetto.”

The Lebanese artist added that there is always a reaction to every action taken by the human being, He continued saying: “Myriam Fares drives me crazy”

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